What is the Akada life?

We Train to get better at Daily Life & Sport. 

The AKADA method includes the best practices found in Calisthenics/Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Track & Field, Strongman Training and Yoga.

Food is Fuel for the Human Form. Good Food is at a premium. Good Nutrition Practices are a rarity.

The AKADA Nutrition philosophy is two-fold. It is Scientific. It prescribes Balance. Tough right?

Ofcourse it is. But we will show you the path.

Optimal Training & Nutrition Practices result in optimal adaptations in Physical and Sports Performance. Nope. Not without adequate and the best practices in Recovery & Pre-habilitation.

An Injured Athlete? No Matter. We will get you fixed and back in action at the earliest with our specific Injury Rehabilitation Protocols.

We Preach what you need to Practice.

The 2020 that was.

The year 2020 saw the rise of the Fitness Influenza. We thought it appropriate to thank them and appreciate their efforts in propagating the language of Fitness and Training.

The AKADA Life.

AKADA is a no fluff Lifestyle. It has 3 tenets.

> Training – Get better at Daily Life & Sport.

> Nutrition – Fuel for the Soul.

> Recovery – Reduced risk of injury.

We prescribe the most effective training programmes. Our programmes will help you develop overall fitness. The kind of fitness that will enable you to save of life, play your favourite sport without the risk of getting injured and generally be a badass.

With our training programmes, you can train online, offline at our gym, or at any gym/location of your choice. Just read the FAQs under ‘Equipment Resources’ to gain more insights on how to customise your training.

In our years of experience of training Pro to Bro Athletes, we’ve noticed the following happening;

1 Month – The body is in a constant state of shock. You lose a few inches from certain parts of the body. Old clothes start fitting.

3 Months – You lose some minimal weight on the scale. ‘Minimal’ because you were developing a Strength base which results in increased density of muscle.

Fact – Muscle is heavier than Fat.

6 Months – You are primed for more intense training. Which means more loads (weight) lifted, more reps and sets (volume) and better recovery (enhanced energy systems). 

Voila. Real Fat Loss happens from here. While the exercising world has everyone tripping on fat is lost/burnt. It is a rather simple process;

  1. You build strength.
  2. Which builds muscle fibre density.  
  3. Which renders the muscles craving to be fed with food/energy.
  4. Stored Fat is utilised to feed muscle energy stores.

Ofcourse, you need to have a balanced nutritional and recovery strategy to allow this simple 4 step strategy to happen seamlessly.

If you need a scientific explanation – hit us up on We’d be glad to discuss!

We prescribe holistic fitness to augment all aspects of your physical health. A balance of Strength, Endurance and Flexibility will put you in a ready state to train more athletically. 

Read – Power, Speed, Agility, Balance & Co-ordination.

Start with the basics. All of the above will seem less jargonic!

Physical Training don’t have no boundaries! You can train from the age of 4 to 95! Let’s be clear about the Intensity of Training. The Intensity of Training is dependent on your biological age and your training age i.e the number of years you have partaken in physical activity or sport.

You can Train with or without Equipment!

If you are training at Home and are reliant on Bodyweight – you can become pretty bad-ass. Be aware that Bodyweight Training (aka Calisthenics) is tough to progress in – but the results can be astounding if you are willing to work hard!

If you have free weights at home – or have access to a gym that has free weights and pull-up/dip bars – You will be fine!

Having access to Free weights allows you to combine different elements of training and adds variance to the routines.

But let equipment not be a determining factor in your approach to training!

This is an oft-asked question!

We have a primal nutritional philosophy. Eat less during the day and eat a satisfying meal at night before you retire for the day. Might sound like dietary heresy – but this is how Professional Athletes who train through the day – feed themselves. Send us an email at and we will get educate you on sound nutritional practices!

Unless you are looking to break into the Olympics or on the International stage, you do not need more than 1 hour to be super healthy and fit.

If you are, what we term as Recreational Athletes, you need not more than 60 minutes per day to cover all bases and ensure that you are consistent.

less talk. more action.